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Sharjah, United Arab Emirates


Welcome to Metalex Engineering FZE.

Other Services


Site Work

We have the necessary capabilities and expertise to take any project from the initial design stage up to the completion. Our experienced Project Managers take full control of the project from day one and are continually present on-site to ensure the smooth and successful completion of all projects. We offer and comprehensive service With project consultation. construction management and head office support. Fast and the realization of projects are made possible through clear coordination and modern logistics. We are well aware of the importance of reducing schedu&1g burdens by providing a turnkey service. With this in mind, our comprehensive service has been designed to be as extensive and effective as possible so that any aspect of site work can be carried out quickly and effectively with our highly qualified personal. Our Project manager has the training and skills to effectively 'aise with al partners in a quick and expert manner in order to ensure effective collaboration with all parties involved


Storage Tanks & Machineries

ME provides Desm manufacture. supply and of equipment for Oil and Gas industries and petrochemical industries. Our activities like turnkey design engineering solutions for Lube Oil Blending Pants Polyester Resin Rants.Pturnen Rants, Grease Rants. Mud Rants and Od field skid equipment. We are providing every related work like the design. construction. fabrication. erection. testing. Blasting. panting and commissioning. maintenance, repair and cleaning works of all types of the multi-product', storage tanks Such as:-

  • Industrial and chemical assure piping
  • CyMical horizontal storage tanks for the storage of fuel, water, and chemicals.
  • Vertical storage tanks of various capacities. which are using for the storage of water .petroleun or gas projects
  • Horizontal and vertical pressure vessels for high-pressure application tanks.Rare Knockout Drum vessel.Reactor colors. Steam generators heat exchangers and gas boot vessels.

Steel Fabrication Division

Structural steel for the industrial and commercial building has been a core focus Of the company since its beginning. The positions of ME is at the top of the structural steel industry. this position is accredited by the successful completion of all projects on free, to budget and to the highest quality expected from a structural steel company.

We have the ability to manufacture all types Of structural and architectural Pipe steelwork. We offer innovative structural Steel solutions. maintaining our reputation through a highly customer orientated and project-driven focus.

ME has key personnel to complete the most complicated and detailed projects to the exact specification required by the client. ms is held by our team Of highly skied workforce, who are specialized in finding solutions to most complex problems associated with difficult projects.


Cutting & Rolling Unit

Our (IRthg and equipment incorporate the most modem technology and enables us to perform an extensive range of cutting, bending road jobs. We have the capability to cut a' types of galvanized coils (GL and (Re-painted GI Coik)} and all sizes of plates which gives us an advantage all projects.


Designing Division

ME has developed an experienced team with the ability to design and details quickly and accurately. This ensures that Our projects are completed on time and to the quality. Our skilled group to engneers, we continue to develop a renowned reputation as one of the most impressive and comprehensive des. groups withh the industry. CAD technicians with our design division are highly trained and have a wealth Of experience the design Of major projects with the capability to provide quality drawing and 3D models for fabricators. General arrangement and shop drawings are prepared to meet with the highest engineering standards. shop requirements and accuracy levels.


Handling Competence

In ME. our handling capabilities are stream- for efficiency. We understand the need for quality handling equipment and processes in order to ensure we keep on schedule with al Of projects. Our range Of handing equipment includes tower cranes, teleporters and forklifts. which enables us to perform quick and easy and oft-loading processes. The total fabrication area will exceed 22.000 sqft Our aim is to provide excellent quality, service, and cost-effectiveness to all cus- torn-ers. This makes ME at the forefront of Our competitive irÜstry as a pioneer architectural metalwork structural steelwork. secondary steelwork. fabrication and contractor to the Global market.


Blasting & Cleaning Unit

In ME.high specification and corrosion protection are applied to a] our steel. Our blasting machines are operated by trained and skilled technicians and are routinely inspected and tested to ensure they are performing at the highest level. We have the ability to blast. clean and apply for erosion protection in a quick and effective manner which helps to keep our projects on schedule.


Welding Unit

Welding is carried out to the highest quality standards. All weights are My trained and performance is constantly monitored both m-site and our workshop to ensure the quality of welds. We have the ability to perform complex arc writing tasks also. This provides us with the capability to fabricate the most complex fabrication jobs with zero tolerance.